Welcome to BeginWithin!

BeginWithin was officially co-founded in 2006 in Red Bank, NJ by Donna Gallagher, MS, RD and Marnie Fegan, Psy.D. to provide a healing environment that was not only professional but warm and welcoming.  Donna and Marnie understand the challenges individuals and families face during the healing process and wanted the BeginWithin atmosphere to embody comfort and safety with compassionate, experienced treatment providers. The spa-like feel of BeginWithin provides a soothing and lasting impression.  A favorite spot among clients and families is our “Recovery Wall”, adorned with poetry and artwork from clients in recovery from their eating disorder. 

Donna and Marnie have been treating individuals with eating disorders,  disordered eating, and body image issues  in New Jersey for many years, and feel that BeginWithin offers a wide variety of services to meet the many needs of eating disorder sufferers and their families (see our services).

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BeginWithin is sensitive and open to serving the needs of all populations. While we specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, our highly skilled staff is also experienced in treating many other conditions. BeginWithin respects the diversity of all individuals, and we welcome everyone to share our space. People of all cultural backgrounds, religious traditions, and sexual/gender identities are welcomed warmly into our care.